About me

Hi! I’m Abby

Welcome to my adventure

Just your normal mid-twenties girl communicating through writing!

They say that you need to have a niche in order to blog, I’m here to prove that wrong. I chose a different path in life, one you can’t narrow down with a niche, and managed to make it this far!

I’ve traveled, cooked, started businesses, budgeted and more, and want to share all my do’s and dont’s with you! Whatever is on my mind will soon make it’s way here so we can all live a happy life, the one we WANT!

I know this isn’t a typical bio, I have an actual blog post fully introducing myself and what you’re getting yourself in to!

Check this post out about my military journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you afford to travel so often?

I have a very strict budget! And it’s NOT hard, you can totally do it too! I have a few posts about budgeting and finance 🙂

2. Why did you start blogging?

I’ve done just about everything else, why not blog? Haha, honestly I like to write and I LOVE to connect with people. If I can connect with just one person, I’ll be successful 🙂

3. How do you stay motivated?

Honestly? Coffee haha! Kidding, kind of. My life motto is: Don’t Stress Over What You Can’t Control. If I can control it, I do what I can to get my most wanted outcome. Otherwise; *shrugs* it’ll work itself out.

4. What’s your favorite topic?

Travel, for sure. I think everyone should travel in their life, and not necessarily to other countries- just in general. Exploring life and seeing new things is so refreshing!

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